Codemotion Madrid

Nov 24-25 2017

Here we stand

We work hard, Monday to Friday, sometimes on weekends too. Some of us have kids, because yay - sleep is optional. We do all that reading during our commute and bring it also to our toilet time, the articles, the tweets, the reddits. We push the limits, question the status quo, asking to drop the legacy code in our systems. We innovate.

We also want to learn how to do our systems better, because we care. So on top of that, still we find time to attend meetups and hackathons, complete code labs and write blog posts. We share what we know, and we ask for advice for what we don't. We bond.

We are all super heroes, you hear? We deserve a day. Gimme a break.

Call for papers

Are you passionate about a techonology and want to share? Send it to our Call for Papers open until May 21 either as a talk or workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions


This year we are going to be more strict with the access to the talks. With this in mind, at the registration desk we will give you:

  • A wristband: This wristband should be displayed when asked by anyone from the organization, and must be worn during the entire event. Neither in the pocket, nor in the backpack, nor at home.

    Without a wristband, the organization reserves the right to prohibit access to the talks.

    If you want to use the same ticket for one person the first day and for another one the second, tell it at the info point before leaving the event and we will cut your wristband and give you another for the next day.

  • A badge: Unlike other years, the only purpose of the badge is to facilitate networking. It is not mandatory to wear it, but will help when meeting new people.

You can view the full list here

Our numbers






Talks & Labs


Our parking has limited capacity, and we will be quite a few. We recommend using public transport, which is surprisingly simple:

  • Universidad San Pablo CEU
  • Campus de Montepríncipe
  • Boadilla del monte, Madrid
  • View on Google Maps
THIS IS NOT THE SAME THAT "CAMPUS DE MONCLOA". Please, check your GPS instructions.

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Terms and Conditions

To purchase tickets for Codemotion you have to accept the Terms and Conditions of the organization. They are nothing out of the ordinary.

Code of Conduct

We require all of our attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers to accept our code of conduct. The organization will enforce this code through the event.